Karvelas Farm


You know that olive oil is good for you, but how can you choose the best? Karvelas olive oil is a long established firm producing cold-pressed speciality olive oil in the family's century old estate 


Our family has remarkable production from our own olive trees, with oil produced superior quality. For years we had our olive oil in the wholesale market.

We are one of the major oil producers in the region of Eretria Malacontas  field of Evia, famous for the excellent quality olive oil.


The year 2012 we proceeded to the construction and operation of a modern investment  which standardize and package the best available olive oil from our own production and other elect local producers.

Currently our sales are export extra virgin olive oil in glass bottles of 250 ml , 500 ml and 750 ml, 1 lt in retail France, England in the US and Germany



The bottling us meet all health and safety standards and also have all necessary permits and licenses for its class in Europe and USA (FDA). We are registered with license number EL 40358.